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Cost to Sell Your Home by Rebecca Wolfe Spratlin March 2018 When homeowners are considering selling their homes, it needs to make financial sense to them. Most people have a pretty good idea of the equity they have in their homes, but they usually don’t understand the actual... Read More

To Renovate or NOT to Renovate? That is the Question by Rebecca Wolfe Spratlin February 2018 In established neighborhoods such as ours in HPWBANA, there are all kinds of options on how to get the homes we need as our life stages evolve. I frequently hear this critical... Read More

New Tax Regulations: Impact on Current and Future Homeowners by Rebecca Wolfe Spratlin January 2018 The new tax laws that where passed by Congress at the end of 2017 became effective on January 1, 2018. These new laws will have significant impacts on current homeowners as well as on potential... Read More

Thy Neighbors’ Helper by Rebecca Wolfe Spratlin November 2017 Did you realize that you have a direct impact on how quickly and for how much your neighbor’s home will sell? You absolutely do. Helping to maximize the price of your neighbors’ homes doesn’t just benefit them, but benefits... Read More

How Long Will It Take to Sell My Home? by Rebecca Wolfe Spratlin October 2017 Anyone contemplating selling their home has two BIG questions. How much is my home worth and how long will it take to sell? While a home’s value is worth only what someone is... Read More

Where to Look…When You’re Looking by Rebecca Wolfe Spratlin August 2017 Research shows that most homebuyers begin looking for homes on-line about a year before they anticipate purchasing their first, or next, home. There is no shortage of websites featuring residential real estate information. The most popular seem... Read More

Staged to Sell by Rebecca Wolfe Spratlin June 2017 Everyone knows that in order to sell a home for top price, it needs to look its VERY best. This includes ensuring the home is clean, smells clean, in good repair, and freshly painted. In addition, the home needs... Read More

Economic Outlook for Austin Real Estate by Rebecca Wolfe Spratlin March 2017 The multi-million dollar question, “How does the economic outlook impact Austin real estate?” is one we all ponder, and one that I get asked on a regular basis. The best information comes from the economists who... Read More

HPWBANA Residential Home Sales Trends by Rebecca Wolfe Spratlin January 2017 Another year has rolled by and once again, it is time to look at how homes in our neighborhood have been performing during the past five years. These years have been exceptional for growth in the Austin... Read More